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TechnicaCon convert your paper, book or old computer files into organized useful digital information. There is no "one-size-fits-all" process for data conversion and capture: we select the method most appropriate for your project, whether it's keyboarding, optical character recognition, or double key entry with verification.

We provide full data entry, document conversion and management, indexing and file conversion services, at low prices from our offshore production facilities. We are committed to the highest accuracy, efficiency, economy, and customer service in the business.

We provide a range of services that include:

Data Entry/Verification
Our experienced data entry staff delivers 99.95% accuracy, using a variety of double entry, OCR plus verification, look-up tables and proofreading techniques. We enter from images (tiff, pdf, jpeg, etc.), forms, full-text sheets, cards, or books.

Online Data Entry/Data Capture from Web/Internet Research & Reporting
From a list of web sites, create your database of desired information, either by filling up an online form at your website or by creating an offline database. We undertake in-depth research and analysis on the internet on your particular topics/issues.

eBook Publishing/eBook Conversion
The next evolution in digital publishing. Digital conversion services - from paper to eBook. Also provide full range of PDF conversion service options.

HTML/SGML/XML Conversion/Tagging
Add the coding needed to share HTML/XML documents or present them on the web for a variety of users and browsers.

Forms Entry
OCR or manual key entry for health care claims, sales orders, surveys, and other forms.

Document Conversion
We perform custom document coding, database development, OCR full text document development and PDF file conversion for large or small legal and other industry cases.

Document Coding/Indexing
Document Coding/Indexing is the electronic numbering, because numerically ordered documents sure are handy. Create a database index to quickly search and locate your records, including a link to a document image, bar code, or other data storage files. Our multi-level coding service allows for both objective and subjective data capture. Our staff can evaluate all manner of document images for all levels of information - from a document type to a deposition summary.

We perform your scanning and OCR (optical character recognition) tasks for a fraction of the on-shore cost. We also perform OCR clean-up (catching anything the computer misreads). Any scanning or document imaging need can be addressed.

Digital File Conversion/Formatting/Editing
Change or update your current files to the new file formats or the latest software version. We perform repetitive conversion and re-formatting/editing tasks at much lower cost.