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TechnicaCon gained experience in Typesetting (prepress services), Composing, Pagination and Copy-editing. We handle Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Medical and other Scientific Books and Journals involving complex mathematical equations / Chemical formulas.

Data Capture
TechnicaCon can capture data from Manuscript, Database, Print and other Media. Depending on the source, the data is captured using proprietary software, Scan and OCR, and/or double-pass keying. Data is guranteed to be 99.995% accurate.

Copy Editing
TechnicaCon copyediting ensures proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage while maintaining consistent style and tone, with emphasis on succinct phrasing and language. Unless otherwise requested for, The Chicago Manual of Style is followed for copyediting.

Page Composition/Digital Typesetting
TechnicaCon has a large workforce of highly qualified staff with several years of experience in various tools used for composition and related services. Page composition services are restricted to publishers of 6-12 grade, college and professional Books and Journals.

Composition services are available for several European language like German, French and Spanish.

With streamlined processes, quality conscious staff and in-house subject matter experts in several fields, TechnicaCon is able to resolve most issues in-house, meet tight schedules and strict quality guidelines.

Two rounds of electronic proofs and corrections are included along with page composition and is not charged separately. Proofs are provided in PDF format and/or black laser printout.

Artwork Rendering and Image Processing
At TechnicaCon, a whole range of Illustrations, corrections of halftones, scanning and redrawing of artwork is done using latest softwares.

Cover Design/Indexing
Soft cover and dust jacket design services are provided in two or four colors. Indexing of Books/Journals follows the style guidelines or speicific instructions from the publishers.