Company Market Services  
Book Cover/Dust Jacket Design
Data Processing/Conversion
Composition/Typesetting Solutions
Web Development/SEO
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Business Expertise
Cost Effective Services
Highly Automated Services
Wide Range of Services&Solutions
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To be a Leading Company
To multifold our Revenues
To admired for Superior Business Values
To Provide proactively tailoring innovative solutions to fully meet each of our customer's individua
To be accountable to customers and colleagues in all we do
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Culture & Strength

TechnicaCon is a fundamentally strong collective of able professionals with high ethics and values. Our culture reflects the common vision of individuals, aligned with TechnicaCon's vision.


"Accountability will be core to each of our jobs"

We will encourage meritocracy based on talent and performance. Rewards and Recognition will be differentiated and will be a consequence of an individual's performance. We will encourage leadership at every level through entrepreneurial thinking and promote ownership and accountability.

"Innovation will be actively pursued"

We will continuously challenge status quo, support and drive change. We will value things done differently and work towards eliminating resistance to change. We will create an environment, which challenges assumptions and encourages flexibility in our approach to doing business.

"Excellence will govern all our actions"

We will aspire to be right first time and every time. We will promote a work ethic, which strives towards ensuring zero defects always. We will thereby maximize value for the client and the organization by exceeding expectations and targets.

"Urgency will underline our actions in accomplishing business success"

We will leverage our competitive advantage of speed in thought, word and action. We will respond to getting things done fast and not be risk averse. We will execute tasks passionately, whilst energizing and invigorating each other.

"Integrity will guide every action we take"

We will be transparent and honest in all that we do. We will strive to lead by example and keep the interest of the organization integral to all our actions. We will at all our levels be true to our principles and uphold the TechnicaCon values.

"Respect for customers, colleagues and others will mark our behavior"

We will value and learn from our differences. We will not only eliminate discrimination on grounds of gender, religion, caste, community, attributes etc, but also encourage diversity of opinions and treat others with respect. We will listen, give space and be open to feedback. We will observe proper decorum of behavior and language in all our interactions at all times.