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Digital-first multi-platform interactive outputs, we are a trusted content production partner to help companies transform content in a well-engaging way. We provide innovative approach for targeted audiences than the conventional education system for the clients which are perfectly enhanced with renewed agility and interactivity. You may generate new revenue sources and drastically reduce costs by changing the way we produce and deliver product in the K20 education segment while repurposing the content. Strict adherence to the guidelines with a high degree of proficiency in developing the customized product for Kindergarten to 12th Grade and Higher education, we empower students, educators with new way of learning.

Explore our services:

  • Content Development

    Along with our educational publishing customers, our editorial staff helps with content development. We have extensive expertise in creating print and digital content for students and instructors, as well as evaluation and supplemental materials. Our content development services guarantee that the words are picked carefully based on the reader's personality to keep the writing concise and easy to follow. Our skilled content editors and writers collaborate with publishers to create high-quality, relevant material that engages learners and assists teachers.

  • Project Management

    Our project management team works collaboratively with every publisher to ensure that each project's budget and timeline objectives are met. Our project managers carefully monitor your content throughout the whole process, as we consider your goals our own. Utilizing known and effective practices and technologies, we assure success via collaborative, adaptable management that enables agile operation. We can tailor our services to meet the needs of any client's strategy.

  • Composition and Production

    Our systematic composition and production staff combines cutting-edge applications and technologies to create your content. Our experts can build products from scratch or adapt current designs to give your content a new appearance. Regardless of your demands, we are prepared to assist you in bringing your content to the marketplace. We have maintained conventional procedures while also implementing digital-first, multi-platform outcomes as the environment of educational material have evolved.

  • Accessibility

    As a worldwide leader in document accessibility, our team delivers software tools and professional services to allow quicker, more cost-effective, and more reliable methods for attaining PDF and document accessibility, legal and regulatory. We have extensive knowledge of assistive technology, and remediation enables our teams to be reactive and adaptable to the demands of our clients. We have created a user-centric technique that prioritizes accessibility and offers full-scale support in turning difficult digital materials into accessible forms.

  • Creative Services

    We provide you comprehensive creative services, from conception and visualization through print and digital delivery creation. Our design department brings several years of expertise and a pool of talent. From conventional print design to digital development, we have got you covered: in graphics, website, and UI/UX development; artwork, 2D and 3D animations, technical art; and eLearning product design. From cover images to animation creation to picture manipulation, we are keen to assist you in accomplishing your goal.

  • eLearning Product

    We offer customized eLearning solutions to K-20 educational services. These enterprises leverage our eLearning solutions to fulfill their learning objectives. Our eLearning products are in line with global standards, placing us among the top eLearning firms in the world. Our staff of eLearning specialists develops learning products utilizing cutting-edge eLearning technology and innovative concepts to provide learners with a unique experience. We provide engaging, learner-centric solutions to help learners in a better way.

  • Web based eLearning Product

    Online education has no restrictions with our web-based eLearning product and its exciting and unique features. Our product's straightforward design makes it simple for even first-graders to operate. We offer a customized K-20 Education learning platform that educators can use to create seamless courses, organize all learning activities, and redefine education. No technical experience is required for secure, interactive, and highly adaptable advanced learning. With our Web-based eLearning Product, remote learning is a pleasant experience.

K20 Education

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