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Get assistance for future-ready interactive SMART content. Offering market-leading solutions and experience to publishers of all sizes of books, journals and magazines, we work to help your publishing program meet future expectations. Our company has developed into a solutions-based service provider that combines domain expertise with cutting-edge services to create project-based workflows that strike a balance between quick turnaround and quality while also lowering publishing & conversion costs.

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  • Content Conversion & Tagging

    Annually, we convert millions of pages of electronic and physical content into more resilient versions. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) supervise the conversion process to guarantee that your material stays relevant and useful while being safe, searchable, and compatible with all digital devices. With the advent of the digital revolution, material is abundant on the Internet. Our specialists implement the schema-based method with the aid of software to increase the visibility of your material in any dialect. We offer HTML tagging, SGML tagging, Metadata tagging, Customized tagging, and other things associated with tagging.

  • Artwork Creation

    Align your digital and print marketing and let it leave a remarkable impact on your audience with our artwork creation. Enhance your brand's overall impression with beautiful but relevant designs. Our expert team of graphic and multimedia developers has extensive expertise with various modern technologies. We use cutting-edge software to build numerous marketing collaterals that retain the interest of your prospect or customer while delivering precisely targeted messaging.

  • eBook Services

    Our eBook services include the cost-effective transformation of material from any electronic or printed source into the most prevalent eBook versions. We are capable of creating eBooks for all popular platforms, like Apple's iPad and iPhone, Amazon's Kindle, etc. We can transform your materials into well-organized eBooks for online or CD-ROM distribution. The most economical and easiest approach to making your written documents, pamphlets, catalogs, books, PowerPoint presentations, essays, and white papers accessible to prospective clients and visitors is to transform these into eBooks.

  • Data Processing Services

    We offer customized data processing services for businesses that comply with worldwide standards for accuracy and timeliness. We are experts in capturing, digitizing, and processing information from various inputs, like hard copies, emails, photos, web forms, and electronic documents. Our seasoned project managers and employees deal with digital and printed formats using scripts that simplify the process of transforming the source from a digital form to the appropriate output.

  • Scanning Services

    The publishing sector is dependent on the written word. Even the most considerable volumes may be scanned and converted into digital versions with us. Consequently, students and others may easily access books using a tablet and other electronic gadgets from anywhere. Scanning is not restricted to simple books. Furthermore, you may scan papers, historical records, pictures, and other media. Our scanners employ cutting-edge technology to ensure accuracy and the highest image quality attainable.

  • Pre-press Services

    Prepress refers to the steps and activities between the design of a print layout and the ultimate printing in the printing and publication sectors. The prepress process includes the fabrication of a printing surface, image carrier, or shape suitable for installation on a printing press, and the correction of pictures and texts or the development of a print file of superior quality. Our prepress services ensure that all needs, from graphics to typesetting, proofreading, and scanning, are addressed with equal care.

  • Video-Animation Creation

    We tailor our video animation creation services to your demographic and business requirements. We begin by analyzing your prospects' linguistic proficiency. Have a design in mind? We can animate it. Not sure where to start? We collaborate with you and your group to develop a user-focused product from start to end. We employ unique software and technologies to build and completely animate your video. Using a combination of innovative and strategic understanding, we develop solutions that aid in the development of your firm.

  • Graphic Design

    With us, there is no limitation to what you can create. Our designers can create anything from a great new logo to eye-catching flyers. On your prospects, our graphic designs will have a lasting impression. Our skilled designers can create a strong web presence for your company using a wide range of knowledge and remarkable creativity. Using unique graphic designs, our designers effectively communicate your company concepts to the target audience using their intelligence and creativity.

We have the ability to convert from virtually any format to any other desired format.
To and From: Paper, PDF, PS, SGML, TeX, FrameMaker, Quark, Ventura, Word, WordPerfect and various Databases.
To and From: SGML, XML, MathML, Word, .Lit, OeB, ePub, Mobi format, Database or any other desired specific format.

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